YouTube Launched new feature "Super Thanks"



YouTube has opened a new door to make money by making videos.  The popular online video sharing and social media platform added a new feature called 'Super Thanks'.

 YouTubers will be able to monetize their viewers through this new feature.  Short-form video apps TikTok and short-length videos on Instagram often go viral.  Companies also invest heavily in such video producers.  YouTube is expected to bring this new feature to survive in this competition of online platforms.

 Super thanks on desktop and mobile:

 Thanksgiving is upon us, which means the holiday season is in full swing.


 Currently, creators and viewers from 68 countries will be able to see this feature on desktop and mobile (Android and iOS).

 According to the company, video makers will be able to check if they have initial access to the feature by following the instructions.  But if they do not have access, then there is no reason to worry.  Eligible video makers will be added to the YouTube Partner Program later this year.

 In a YouTube blog post, the company continues to try to do something new for the creative.  In addition to expanding their business fleet, new plans are being brought to diversify.  Companies offer multiple benefits on their own platform.  There are also benefits to selling products ranging from showing ads during the video.

 The company further said that the new Super Thanks feature has been introduced based on the feedback received from the creators.  Which is bringing a creator's video to a wider audience.  In this regard, there is support from both the creator and the audience.

 How much does Super Thanks cost?

 YouTube said, 'Welcome to Super Thanks'.  YouTube viewers can now purchase Super Thanks to express their gratitude and support after watching a video.  They will see the animated GIF.  There you can buy "Super Thanks" for the colorful comments.  Manufacturers will be able to respond.

 Now "Super Thanks" is going to be bought at four different prices.  Prices range from $2 to $50.  Like Super Chat and Super Stickers, this is Super Thanks.  Which serves a pair of responsibilities for the manufacturers.  In addition to keeping their communication with the fans meaningful, it also points out new ways of earning money.

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