Will Battle Ground Mobile India be banned soon? CAIT has demanded a ban on the game.


 The final version of Battlegrounds Mobile India video game has not been released yet.  Even before that, questions have started to arise about the privacy policy of the game.  The Confederation of All India Traders (CAIT) has even demanded a ban on the game.

 But what is the problem?

 Battlegrounds Mobile India game's privacy policy states that gamers' data is stored on servers in Singapore and India.  However, this data may be transferred to operate game services or for any legal reason.  A recent report said the data was being sent to servers in China, Hong Kong, the United States and Moscow.

 In order to bring back the game like PUBG in India, Krafton said that they had no relationship with China.

 Even after PUBG Mobile India was banned in India in September 2020, ownership of the game shifted from Chinese company to South Korean company Krafton.

 It is to be noted that after a long wait and a lot of turmoil, Battle Royal Game Battlegrounds Mobile India's 'Early Access' has finally been launched in India like PUBG Mobile.  Already, the number of downloads for the 'Early Access' phase has crossed 5 million.  Enthusiastic gamers are worried about the new problem with the privacy policy of the game.

 Where the game's privacy policy states that information can be transferred if necessary, the allegation that information has already been transferred is serious enough.  According to a report by IGN India, the data is being sent to the server of China Mobile Communications in Beijing and to the server of Proxima Beta in Hong Kong, which is operated by Chinese company Tencent.  This is the first time that Tencent has created a pubic mobile game.

 The report further claims that data is being transferred to Microsoft Azure servers in Mumbai and Moscow, as well as to the United States.  Even if Battlegrounds in India is ‘booting up’ for the Mobile India game, the notification is reaching the Tencent server in Beijing.

 On the basis of this serious allegation, the Confederation of All India Traders (CAIT) has sent a letter to Union Minister for Information Technology and Communications Ravi Shankar Prasad.  There have been demands to ban Battlegrounds Mobile India games.

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